7 Tools to Help You Be More Productive

7 Tools to Help You Be More Productive | WordPress Coderz image 2

7 Tools to Help You Be More Productive

Being productive means finishing as much tasks as you can in a days work. Even if you are able to manage your time well, there are just some tasks that requires a complicated process. Below are some tools that can help you streamline these processes so you can save time and make more productive use of it.


Having a notebook with you all the time is a great tool to organize all your thoughts, ideas and important information. Although when you need that information, it may take time to mine that notebook. Evernote is basically the same but it lets you organize all your notes into notebooks, categories and tags, making it easy for you to search information. Also, since this is an app, you can put images, pdf’s and many types of documents on your notes.


is an on-line application that lets you create, store and organize many types of documents such as Text, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc.  This will save you time specially when you are always on the go as you will only need Internet connection to access all of your files, and you can do this from any device. This is also helpful when collaborating on a single document. You dont need to review multiple documents from your colleages and you can collaborate even when you are on a remote location


This is a cloud based storage app that lets you store any files over the Internet and even sync them to any device. This means your files will always be available to you even when you dont have your computer with you. It also lets you share or send huge files to anyone by just sending then a link or share invitation.  This is very helpful specially on times that you dont have your computer with you, your on vacation or simply on the road to your office as you can access your files from any device such as your smartphone or tablet.


This is an online project management app that lets you organize all your projects, tasks and communication in one place. Instead of having to communicate via email, phone calls, video conferences etc. you can have your clients communicate directly to your projects in basecamp and keep everyone on your team on the loop. It also makes assigning project tasks to your team easy. This lets you get the latests updates on everything about your projects and tasks from one application.


Accounting can be very time consuming and tracking all your expenses and invoices will require a lot of time and effort. With Freshbooks you will be able to see all of this in one dashboard, and since all of your invoices are created and paid via this app, you will have an accurate date on the amount of invoices outstanding, paid and unpaid. The app also shows if the invoice has been opened by your client so you can make sure that they received it.


Communicating with your clients and team members in real time is important, but having to be, or going to the same location is inefficient. With tools such as GoToMeeting, you can have on-line video conferences in HD from anywhere and any devices and you only need Internet connection. You can also share your screen using this tool, so you can do client presentations. product demonstrations or even coaching sessions with your team from anywhere anytime.


We all want to be productive, but to improve we first need to know where we actually spend our time. TimeDoctor is a Time Log and Reporting App that lets you track your time when working on a project or tasks. It will also show the apps that you use, website that you frequently visit, and even tells you the number of hours you spend using and viewing unproductive sites and applications. This should give you an idea just how productive you really.
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