5 Productivity Tips For The Solo Entrepreneur

5 Productivity Tips For The Solo Entrepreneur | WordPress Coderz

5 Productivity Tips For The Solo Entrepreneur

Being a solo entrepreneur means having different roles and doing a lot of legwork on your own. Sometimes being always busy does not mean that you are achieving your goals quicker. It just means that you are not being efficient. To be both productive and efficient, you have to take control of your own schedule and not having to be constantly catching up with your own work. Below are a few practical tips on how to do this.

1. Set weekly and monthly goals

But first you have to identify your business goal. For example, your goal is to double your revenue for the year. Identify your target income, clients, projects etc. for each month to reach this. Then identify the things that you need to prioritize or do to achieve this, like doing more online marketing or following up on leads.  Break those priorities into manageable monthly and weekly tasks

2. Plan your day and make sure it is manageable

It is important to create a ‘to do’ list before you start your day, but make sure that it does not eat up your whole day. 4 – 5 tasks, or work that you estimate can only take half of your day. The lesser tasks you plan for the day, the more tasks you complete on time and the more motivated you will be in your endeavors.

3. Plan the next day, before the end of the day.

Even though you already have your daily, weekly and monthly plans, it is almost certain that the details of your up coming tasks will change depending on the situation, challenges and changes that happens each day. Planning for the day ahead is a good strategy and an effective way to make sure you don’t start your day now knowing what to, and how to achieve your goals for that day.

4. Stick to your schedule

Now that you have your day, or week planned, it is very important to stick to it. There will always be distractions and interruptions at home, from friends or just your Facebook. Always remember that if it is not both urgent, and important, then it is not worth your time unless your done with the tasks you planned for the day.

5. Find time to slow down

If you are constantly busy, you may lose track on your major goals and priorities. Make sure you find time, at least once a week, to slow down and look back on the things that you have accomplished. This may give you an opportunity to look at the things that you are doing, and planned ahead in a different prospective so you can make adjustments and better achieve your goals. This will also give you additional motivation to get things done on the coming days ahead.
Following the above steps should help you give more structure to your work, and make you feel more motivated. It may also free up some of your time so you can have more energy and focus to tackle each day.
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