9 Roles and Tasks You Can Outsource

9 Roles and Tasks You Can Outsource | WordPress Coderz

9 Roles and Tasks You Can Outsource

In order to grow your business more effectively, it is important that you focus more on what you do best, and hire a cost effective team to handle all other affairs. Below are some of the roles and work that you can let a virtual team, or employee handle for you.

1. Virtual Assistant Managing your  email as schedule.

For any Entrepreneurs, Managing email and schedule are arguably the most time consuming and inefficient task that you do on a daily basis. A virtual assistant can filter your email, answer customer service questions and set appointments for you. You will be amazed on the many tasks that you can have a VA do for you and how it can free up a big chunk of your time.

2. Marketing Assistant and Email/Phone marketing.

While your business grows, so as your lists or potential clients. Having to call, email, answer questions and inquiries for each and everyone of them everyday is important but not good if you are the one doing it. You can have a marketing assistant do this for you.

3. SEO and Online Marketing

Even if you have good blog post content, or marketing videos online, without someone consistently marketing it, it will loose traffic and may not serve its purpose in the long run. Having an SEO professional handle your online marketing will help you consistently position and market all your marketing content.

4. Graphic Designers

Creating your own logos, banners, infographics etc. based on your own creative ideas is very tempting, but since the tools required to create such is very technical, like Photoshop, you may end up spending half of your day just creating a simple icon. Hiring a graphic designer to do these for you can save you a lot of time, and since these are professionals, you will have better looking, quality images than you can come up and create yourself

5. Web Developer

Even if you purchase a premium website, it will still take a lot of customizations to have it look, and present your content the way you want it. Also, there are some elements in a website that may seem simple, but actually requires a few hours of coding. Let a professional Web Developer handle this for you while you are planning, and writing your content is the smart thing to do.
These lists of roles and tasks are just some of the many work, or type of work that you can let a virtual team or virtual employee handle. For most businesses, and entrepreneurs nowadays, this is the smartest thing to do as it is not only cost efficient, but will actually save you a lot of hours that you can use to focus more on growing your business.
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